Friday, July 8, 2016

Under Western Skies

Yesterday was International Chocolate Day, and yes I did partake. Today is, Read A Christmas Story In July Day – preferably a tale from out west. And yes I made that up, and yes I just happen to have a book of Christmas Stories from out west. See it here – give it a look by clicking and reading the free sample. Stories from many time periods and for all ages.

Enjoy, and remember, only 169 shopping days until Christmas, and this book would make a wonderful early gift.



  1. Hey... I have enough trouble keeping up with the summer season. Christmas is just going to have to wait. I will go take a look though. Who knows? It might just cool me off a little. It's hot here. :)

    1. Hot here too. Almost like the old song, "Too Hot To Fish." Saw that the Hallmark Channel was running Christmas movies this month, decided to give it a shot.