Friday, August 21, 2015

Great New Chapter Books - Just in Time for School to Start

School is starting and it’s time to get the kids reading again. Try these two wonderful kid’s adventure books. Melvin the E Street Ghost and Then Mike Said, "There's a Zombie in My Basement.
Stories centered around three ten-year-old boys and their summer adventures. Adventures where they may have met a ghost named Melvin and a mysterious unnamed Zombie.
Only scary in a humorous way, fast paced, the perfect books to get young students back into books. Available as easy reader soft cover books or eBooks for electronic readers. Great books to share reading with the kids.
Grandparents love reading to the grandkids and these books will give grandma and grandpa a chuckle or two also.
Reading level 4th grade – give them a try today. See all my books here.

Monday, August 10, 2015

.99 Cent EBook Sale

.99 cent sale for the next few days on my kids adventure, 

Then Mike Said, “There's a Zombie in My Basement” A Mike and Moose and Me Growing up Novel 

A fast paced children's chapter book adventure. This is one of a series, but there is no need to read in order.
Free with Kindle unlimited or 0nly .99 cents to purchase the EBook this week.

Get the kids reading before school starts or the grandparents reading to the kids this summer.4th grade reading level.
Order or read a sample by clicking the link below –

Looking for something else? See all four of my books here.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Book Sales - Thanks

All four of my books sold pretty well in July - thanks. Hope I can do that well in August. For me to average a couple of books a day for a month is a Yippie - Ki -Yi month.

I will have a new book of  - Christmas out west, stories coming out in October, a new kids book in January and a young adult mystery, I hope in March. No - I don't write that fast, all are complete or nearly so, but need a bunch of work yet before publication.

Here is link to my Amazon Author Page - buy a book today.