Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Book Seven Almost For Sale

This morning I got the proof copies of the newest of my kid’s novels, my seventh book overall. This one is book three in the series and is titled, Yikes – My Neighbor’s A Vampire.

The book looked good, and formatting was spot on. My wife, as always is my first reader when the proof copies come. Others will also read, one maybe two people, but my wife reads the stories first. She is a terrific first reader as we have been married long enough that she will tell me the truth about what doesn’t work, and what she does not like.

The problem – she found something she didn’t like. Each chapter has a picture on the first page, Jan didn’t like where I put some of them. In my first two books the pictures told a bit of the story to follow, but in this one, I put a few after the story on the heading for the next chapter. I thought it was clever and creative, she didn’t think so, now looking at it, she’s right. Darn it!

Looks like I will be spending some time moving pictures around, along with the usual fixing of things my readers find. Oh well, that’s what readers are for.

Work – work – work, a writer’s job is seldom never done.