Monday, January 30, 2017

Western Short Stories - Looks Like Readers Are Loving Them

I cannot say how terrific it feels to see my book of Christmas short stories is still selling. Although the stories are set around Christmas, they are stories for any time of the year. The short tales are more of love, hope, relationships and most of all, the west.

The book did well before Christmas and is still going strong, selling a few copies, now, nearly every day. I often get notes on blog posts or by email about my books, and occasionally by mail. Recently I received a most heartwarming note about this book. It was so appreciated, as all of us that write hope that we are making a difference in our readers day, if nothing else, but to bring a bit more pleasure and happiness into someone’s life.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Commitment - A Western Mystery

Did you make a resolution to read more in 2017 – I hope so, no better way to escape.

For a good old west, uplifting mystery, give this one a try.  Super way to start the year.

Commitment - Blade Holmes had it all. He was a living legend and still a young man. But he couldn't commit, not to a job a place to call home or to the love of his life. And now someone wanted him dead. Blade Holmes is at his best from Laramie City to Fort Laramie. History, adventure, mystery, this book has it all!