Saturday, January 2, 2016

More to Read Next Year

I have always thought of myself as an avid reader. Now with the end of another year, I am reading more and more posts of what people read last year. I read 30-50 books a year, some of the posters read 100 plus. Now that is reading. All good writers read a lot, but I think, reading two books a week is exceptional.  I have always believed that good writing went hand in hand with reading, looks to be true.
Taking a break in the world famous Oregon Trail Ruts a mile from our place

This year, for the first time, I will attempt to keep track of my reading. Might not be as much as I want or believed, but I will keep track. I often spend hours in research for my nonfiction work, and that takes time, so I will need to find more time – somewhere.

Seems that quite a few writers also keep track of words wrote for the year. Something else I do not do, but I have tried. This year I will give it another shot.

There they are, two ideas for the New Year, not really resolutions, but I will give it a go. Looking at it maybe they are resolutions – oh well!

Need a good read here is the link to my five books?
 Need a good read here is the link

 I have a new mystery coming in February to be followed by, I hope, two other books this year. One is complete in its first draft, and one at about 10%.

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