Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Book Sales In Australia

So far this month I am selling more of my western eBook (Commitment) in Australia than in the United States. Happy to have those buyers from down under. We spent a wonderful two weeks there a few years ago, and if I sell enough books for airfare, we would love to go again. Makes me feel good to be gaining some traction as an author in Australia. 

I have been considering writing a western set in Australia since our visit; now I am excited to get started. After the two projects, I am presently working on, of course.

Oh – I am selling quite a few copies of the physical book in the United States. Must be many people like myself that, at least occasionally, like to hold a book in their hands. I think, as a buyer, I am about 50/50 between books and eBooks. 
Elk on the Mountain 

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